DE-OX Check

The DE-OX Check is the next generation of cell checkers – the most up-to-date digital measurement instrument for checking partial pressure, millivolt errors and response time of any oxygen sensor under pressure.


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DE-OX Check is a fully digital analyzer that measures the output of up to three oxygen sensors simultaneously in an aluminum pressure chamber. The sensor readings can be compared with the calculated value derived from the built-in digital pressure transducer and the test gas mix. The test cylinder containing the oxygen sensors can be pressurized up to 10 bar using air, oxygen or any known mixed gas from 0 to 100% oxygen. The pressure inside the test chamber can be finely adjusted for testing the sensors in any situation. The pressure chamber has an overpressure valve for safety.

DE-OX Check can be used by rebreather divers to check the error and linearity of their oxygen sensors. It can be connected to Personal Computers through serial port.


  • Aluminum pressure chamber.
  • Connections to standard regulator BC hose with quick connector.
  • Digital pressure gauge.
  • Error in partial pressure or in milli Volts
  • Measurement of sensors response time.
  • Any kind of sensor adaptors (molex, miniphone jack, coaxial) cell plugs. Optional.
  • Overpressure valve.
  • Test gas can be air, oxygen or any known mixed gas from 0 to 100% oxygen.
  • Test pressure can be finely adjusted.
  • Auto calibration of the sensors in any gas mix.
  • Heavy duty waterproof Explorer case and internal aluminum panel.
  • Internal lithium ion rechargeable battery. 110-240V 50-60Hz AC and car lighter chargers included.
  • Power indicator for external battery or AC adapter.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Dimensions: 305x270x144 mm Weight 3 Kg ca.
  • Available with optional yellow OLED display

The DE-OX Check standard package includes:

  • DE-OX Check
  • Aluminum pressure chamber
  • 3 pin sensor adapter
  • 110-230 VAC 50-60 Hz power supply
  • Cigarette lighter plug cable power supply (8-24 VDC)