Nuvair NZ

Nuvair has been manufacturing low and high pressure breathing air systems for the working diver for over 30 years. In recent years Nuvair has expanded beyond diving into the Fire & Safety, Industrial and Paintball compressor markets as well.

We offer standard and custom configurations for a wide variety of stationary and portable installations. Nuvair can create customized compressors to meet your specific needs and guide you through the many configurations that the compressor packages can be purchased in. We understands that needs, budget and comfort level lead to the choices one makes on the type, brand and model of compressor you will be using. Nuvair offers custom configurations of tried and true compressor brands combined with electric, gas or diesel motors of the same caliber. All Nuvair compressor packages are manufactured in-house and tested before leaving Nuvair. From start to finish our technicians are making sure your compressor package is inspected, tested and delivered on time.

Nuvair Specialties Include:

Nitrox Membranes

Nuvair has pioneered the use of Semi-Permeable membrane technology and its use with compressors to produce Nitrox and Nitrogen. Using Nuvair’s patented Membrane system Nitrox can be produced for Low Pressure or High Pressure breathing air use from 21% to 40% oxygen. Nuvair manufacturer’s turnkey systems that provide Nitrox in a standalone package or Nitrox generators that can be placed in line with your existing compressor system.

Low Pressure and High Pressure

Nuvair Combines their innovative Membrane Nitrox technology with Low Pressure and High pressure compressor packages to offer complete turnkey systems for continuous duty use. Low pressure systems that can be taken on site for commercial diving use and High Pressure Nitrox generating compressor packages enclosed for cool and quiet operation.

Low Pressure Compressors

Nuvair manufactures their own line of Low Pressure compressors onsite. Years of experience in the commercial diving industry as divers has given Nuvair the upper hand in manufacturing Low Pressure compressors for commercial diving. Nuvair uses only the finest components in producing compressors and always tries to meet and exceed industry standards. Nuvair compressor packages may look like the rest, however it is the finer details and choice of components that make Nuvair compressors stand out from the rest.