Champion R15 Diesel, Gas or Electric

Champion R15 continuous duty pump with electric motor or engine mounted in a frame.


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Our framed models offer a variety of designs to meet your needs. The standard package has a 1 gallon surge tank, ball valve output, over pressure valve, drain valve, large air after cooler, check valve, gate valves and plumbing. The frame is made with 6061 aluminum and has an enclosed bottom, center lifting eye, handles and wheels making it easy to wheel on and off the job. All equipment is inset, compressor and diesel are mounted on an aluminum plate and have independent vibration absorption mounts. A separate volume tank and breathing air filtration are needed to deliver air to divers, check out our volume tanks here.


  • Reliable Diesel Motor
  • High Quality Two Stage Splash Lubricated Pump
  • Centrifugal Unloader – Loadless Starts
  • Simple to Operate, Reliable and Versatile


  • Honda Gas or Electric Motor in any volt or phase
  • Low Pressure Regulator for Down Stream Pressure
  • Air after cooler
  • CO and/or O2 Analyzers
  • Audible and Visual High Temperature Alarm
  • Low oil shut down
  • High Temp Shut down
  • Breathing Air Filtration
  • ASME rated 30 Gallon or larger Volume Tank


  • Charging Rate: 20 CFM @ 175 PSI (538 L/Min @12 Bar)
  • Engine: 10 HP Yanmar Diesel
  • Charging Rate: 23 CFM @ 175 PSI (651 L/Min @12 Bar)
  • Electric Motor: 7.5 HP electric motor
  • Charging Rate: 20 CFM @ 175 PSI (538 L/Min @12 Bar)
  • Engine: 11 HP Honda Gas
  • Max Operating Pressure: 175 PSI
  • Number of Stages: 2
  • Dimensions Framed Model (HxWxD): 38″x48″x29″(96x122x74cm)
  • Weight: 510 lbs (230 kg)
  • Lubrication: Splash Lubrication
  • Air Quality: Grade “D” Breathing Air (with Breathing Air Filtration Option)